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Music therapy is the systematic use of music by trained professionals to facilitate the healing and positive personal growth of people with identified developmental, emotional, intellectual, physical, mental, social or spiritual needs.
2nd MT Symposium 2012
Music for the Special Child:  Musically Motivating Developmental Milestones in Special Education and Early Intervention

THREE separate events under one theme 

i) A Public Forum for parents (Aug 31), Room 308, COOS, 3 -5:30 p.m.

* With Q&A session about use of music and role of music therapy for children in addressing developmental, sensory and learning needs.  Open to general public, parents and caregivers.  General language.   Click here for photos.

ii) The Main Symposium  (Sept 1-2), Lecture Theatre, AMK-THK Hospital

* Open to parents as well as professionals.  Professional jargons and technical language will be used.  
Choose from one to six topics. Lecture format, 2 hours.   
1.   9: 30 a.m.  MT & The Special Child  
2.  12:30 p.m. Music and Activities of Daily Living
3.   3:00 p.m.  Music Intelligence and Memory
4.   9:30 a.m.  MT & Autism
5.  12:30 p.m. Mediating Learning Differences with Music
6.   3:00 p.m.  MT & Early Intervention

                          Download Sept 1-2 programme.

iii) Classroom Training for teachers and related professions (Sept 3-4), Rainbow Centre-Margaret Drive

*The class is only open to 40 participants (limited to professional educators and therapists only).  2-full days, Workshop style. Please register with full payment early to avoid disappointment!   

                         Download Classroom Training programme.
Who were the speakers?

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Inaugural MT Symposium 2011
Music Therapy:  Global Evidence of Efficacy (July 11-12, 2011)

FREE admission.  Open to all medical and allied-healthcare professionals.  Limited spaces for public.
This two-day symposium will provide an overview of the research foundation that forms the evidence-basis for clinical music therapy practice with medical populations. 
Three specialist-clinicians from the United States will draw from their diverse clinical experiences and research protocols and highlight significant contributions of music therapy to healthcare from their internationally renown programmes and publications.  

About the speakers

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